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Hipster Halloween Costume Ideas For the Hipsters in All of You

I have NO clue what to be for Halloween.

Halloween is my favorite holiday and the amount of stress I put on myself to have a good time and a GREAT costume, always leaves me full of anxiety and agita.

Now that I have a boyfriend, we’ve discussed going as one of those annoying couples who do a Halloween costume set, but we can’t think of anything. Well, Geoff thought of something, but I’m not sure I’m on board with it yet. He wants all of his friends to be a part of a “Star Wars pun” costume collection including: Hans Solo (Han Solo dressed in lederhosen), Prince as Leia (exactly what it sounds like), Uncle Ben Kenobi (that one got left on the cutting room floor) and Jewbacca (Chewbacca with a yamaka). Though I appreciate my boyfriend’s creative ideas, I’m a.) not a fan of Star Wars (YOU HEARD ME!) and b.) the costume I was assigned, Prince as Leia, requires me not only to find a Princess Leia costume, but a Prince costume and that is way too much work and money. Typically being more comfortable wearing men’s costumes for Halloween, I might just got as Prince.

Or as this baby dressed as Prince:

Every year I make a list of Halloween costumes for the hipster set and maybe I’ll get a little inspiration out of this post. Below are some hipster-inspired Halloween costume ideas.

What are you going as for Halloween?

Who: Angry Biker from Portlandia
What you need: florescent cyclist cap, ear plugs, Brillo Pad glued to chin, whistle, messenger bag, fixed gear bike, yell things like, “CARS, MAN, WHYYY?”

Who: Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Bruce Willis in Looper
What you need: Depending on what scene, either a fitted leather jacket, slim pants and skinny tie OR Carhartt pants and jacket, eyebrow liner, a permanent eyebrow raised, slicked back hair, blue contacts, low grumbly voice, carry around a shipping tube painted brown.

Who: Feminist Ryan Gosling
What you need: Skin-tight short-sleeved henley, a necklace resembling dog tags but not as douchey, a giant dialogue bubble above your head with the words, “Hey Girl….” written on it.

Who: Ann Romney
What you need: a velociraptor costume, blonde wig.

Who: Sam from Moonrise Kingdom
What you need: horn-rimmed glasses, raccoon tail cap, Boy Scouts outfit,yellow scarf, backpack, say extremely boring boring things with a stone cold stare.

Who: Dov Charney, owner of American Apparel
What you need: child molester glasses, American Apparel boxer briefs, underaged Russian “model” on your arm.

BUT, considering Dov Charney and American Apparel are passé, you can use the same exact costume for…

Who: Terry Richardson

Who: Lana Del Rey
What you need: a red Vampira wig, over-sized jewelry, plumping lipstick, eyebrow liner, Daisy Dukes, the inability to smile or show emotion on face, low grumbly voice like Bruce Willis.

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  • Reply Andrew H October 23, 2012 at 12:36 pm

    Awesome Ryan Gosling idea. I may try that one out.
    And in case anyone is looking for some ideas for things to do this Halloween in Austin, check out this list: Austin Halloween Ideas

  • Reply Paige C. Willey October 23, 2012 at 3:21 pm

    I wanted to be Lana del Ray for Halloween last year, but my friend told me no one would get it and I would spend all night explaining it. Consequently, I decided on something else. By the time Halloween came around, LDR was huge and everyone knew her.

    • Reply hipstercrite October 26, 2012 at 10:02 am

      Are you going as Lana Del Rey this year?

  • Reply B. October 25, 2012 at 10:34 am

    I’m sitting at Starbucks reading this post and couldn’t help but laugh out loud at all of your descriptions! Esp. Ann Romney and Lana Del Rey – hahaha! Great post.

    Your bf IS creative…but that would be a tough one to pull off! No plug and socket or Popeye and Olive Oyl for you two?

    • Reply hipstercrite October 26, 2012 at 9:57 am

      Thanks, B! Popeye and Olive Oyl is a great idea! I’ll suggest that to him.

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