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Once in a Lifetime

Y’all know how much I love David Byrne and the Talking Heads. I even created a Google Alert for the man (did you know that his ridiculously good-looking daughter, Malu Valentine, recently wrote a op-ed in the Times where she bemoans having no money and having to live with her pop?)

David Byrne has been my creative idol since the age of 16 and he probably always will be. He is what instantly connected my boyfriend and I. Within five minutes of meeting Geoff I told him my idol was David Byrne and he told me his favorite movie is True Stories.  We have three copies of the book “True Stories” and two copies of “Your Action World” between us.

Anyhoo, I always like coming across DB/TH finds and this one is a doozie.

How cool is this graphic below, huh?

Created by illustrator Jared D. Weiss.

I’m a fan.

Don’t know about you, but lately I’m relating to this song more and more…


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