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Hipstercrite Round-Up: Crazy Psycho Killer Clown Edition

  • (music) David Lynch has an album. It’s called “Crazy Clown Time”. Neither one of those statements are surprising.  This album came out about a month ago so this is not new news. I’m just hoping you’re as behind the times as I am. P.S. Can someone here please make a David Lynch “Crazy Clown Time”/Crispin Glover “Clowny Clown Clown” mash-up? The album is $12.50 on Amazon. (NPR Music)
  • (film) Somebody is remaking American Psycho. And by somebody I mean nobody. They’re letting a dude with one second unit director cred to his name remake a  movie that should not be remade. Sigh. When will Hollywood ever learn? Story is BEE is all for it. (Indiewire)
  • (art) David Byrne has another art installation piece, folks. He’s out of control. (Flavorwire)
  • (music) Doesn’t it make you sick how cool Arcade Fire is?  Don’t you want to jump off a cliff for feeling so creatively inferior to them? Feel a little more shitty about yourself by watching the new music video for “Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)”. They have an interactive version where you can make an ass of yourself dancing but considering my computer is as old as “Neon Bible”, I can’t interact. In lieu of dancing I’m going to construct a sparkly pom-pom dress.


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