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Cindy Sherman for MAC Cosmetics

This may be old news, but I was surprised to see a giant portrait of Cindy Sherman hanging in the MAC Cosmetics window in downtown Burlington this weekend. It’s hard to miss her. I walked into the store and asked one of the make-up artists if that was Cindy Sherman’s mug in the window and she thanked me numerous times for knowing who she was. I was surprised that people in Burlington didn’t know who she was. Wasn’t Cindy Sherman crammed down everyone’s throat in Photography 101?

I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with Ms. Sherman. These feelings intensified when she began dating David Byrne- a man I’ve loved since I was fifteen years old. However, David Byrne is exactly like the male version of her, so I’m sure they make a delightful pair. I’ve never been in love with Cindy Sherman’s work but she’s always intrigued me. I find her work to be like that of a bored only child with a camera, but I’ll never stop looking at it and thinking about it. Does that fact alone make someone an excellent artist?

I find it interesting that she teamed up with Mac Cosmetics. At first I thought, “Sell out!” but then it seems exactly like the “ironic” move an artist like Cindy Sherman would make. Much like David Byrne. Doing something that seems completely out-of-line and mainstream.

What do you think of Cindy Sherman? What do you think of her MAC line?

I took this picture via Instagram. The next day the portrait was gone.

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  • Reply allie August 6, 2012 at 1:14 pm

    Why was the photo removed..Is it yours? or Cindy’s..she annoys me like she annoys you…But I mainly don’t like that she wears FUR!!

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