It’s a David Byrne Kind of Friday

1.) My main man, David Byrne, has a new book out on September 17th, titled, “Bicycle Diaries”. Byrne shares his observations and photographs of his travels across the world using a bicycle as his main mode of transportation.  In old news, Byrne recently created imagintive bike racks for the New York City Department of Transportation. There are nine designs located through Manhattan and Brooklyn, including a guitar, a cup of coffee, and the trucker mud flaps lady.

In other words, David Byrne really really likes bicycles.

2.) I recently attended a screening of David Byrne’s Texas-centric “True Stories” (1986) at the Texas State History Museum. After the screening, members of the crew shared their stories of Byrne and the making of the movie. Though there were no new and revealing stories, everyone agreed that they had no idea what the hell the movie was about but were excited to be working with David nonetheless. Also, interestingly enough, I believe everyone in the state of Texas was casted in that movie. If you’ve never seen the movie, it’s a love letter to Texas. I envision David Byrne having a child-like wonderment for the Americana of state and wanted to capture it in the most narratively absurd and visually minimalistic way possible. It’s a beautiful, nonsensical movie. It’s worth checking out. Plus, Spalding Gray is in it!


3.) And if you’ve never happened across his online journal, it’s worth taking a look. Oddly, the seemingly shy and indifferent entertainer has been keeping a well manicured blog for five years now. He’s quite the talker. David Byrne loves to eat up his surroundings, wax poetic on current events, and support up-and-coming bands and artists. In fact, a few years ago, he would stay at local musicians’ houses while on tour. He’s so dreamy.

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